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Many hotels, B&B and “dammusi” (typical houses of Pantelleria) are available in Pantelleria. The participants are free to choose their accommodation throughout the island. Some rooms have been reserved until April 30 in the following hotels:

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The Marina Yacht Hotel is near the Castillo; the Cossyra is about 2km from it.

The prices are per room (single) or per person (double) and include the breakfast.

For longer periods (5-7 days) it is possible to reserve a “dammuso” a typical construction of Pantelleria. There is some information and ‘dammuso’ here: www.pantelleria.com/english/pantelleria/dammuso.asp

Reservations can be made through ‘La Cossira e Turismo’ by contacting: salvatore@lacossira.it