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The Workshop

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Nanomaterials, biomaterials / nano-biomaterials are gaining an increasing interest both in academia and industry. These are very promising materials for many applications and thousands of papers are published every year on new nano-, bio- and nanobiomaterials, their properties and possible applications. Nevertheless, the industrial use of these new materials is still modest and only a limited number of applications can be found.

This workshop will focus on the present state of knowledge and future direction of research on some promising nano-, bio- and nano-biomaterials with emphasis on their use in topical application areas of immediate interest and beyond.

End-use applications of the different types of materials, e.g. metals, polymers, ceramics, hybrids, will be covered within the sessions on health, energy, microelectronics and environment.

Under the auspices of:

  • MoDeSt, Modification, Degradation and Stabilisation of Polymer
  • AIMAT, Italian Association of Materials Engineering
  • AIM, Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules
  • GNB, Italian Group of Bioengineering
  • INSTM, Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology
  • SIB, Italian Association of Biomaterials
  • UNIPA, University of Palermo

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