Welcome to the MoDeSt Society

The Modification Degradation and Stabilisation (MoDeSt) Society was founded with the aim of promoting a unique platform for knowledge exchange, mobility and networking among scientists and engineers  working in the area of polymer modification, degradation and stabilization.

MoDeSt coordinates and organises scientific activities in this field across Europe, and continues to hold major international conferences every second year as well as a range of workshops in the year in between in different European countries .  The MoDeSt Conferences and workshops cover a comprehensive and well-structured scientific programmes covering the latest knowledge and developments in a wide range of areas related to the field of modification, degradation and stabilisation of polymers as well as related areas including fire retardancy, polymers and the environment, bio-related polymers, polymer blends and composites, advances in nanocomposites and nanotechnology.

MoDeSt Officers


Vice President

Professor Sahar Al-Malaika

Aston University

PPP Research Unit, CEAC

Birmingham B4 7ET, England

Professor Jean-Luc Gardette

Laboratorie de Photochimie Moleculaire Macromoleculaire

Universite Blais Pascal

63170 Aubiere, France

Treasurer Secretary
Professor Franco La Mantia

University of Palermo

Department of Civil, Aerospace, Environment and Materials Engineering

Vialla della Scienze, 90128

Palermo, Italy

Dr Pieter Gijsman

DSM Ahead B.V.

P.O.Box 18

6160 MD Geleen

The Netherlands

To contact us, use our contact form or click on this email address: info@modest.org.uk